Cyber-security represents the new branch of activity covered by STELIT and its Holonic Virtual Organization.

To afford the new century threat STELIT has been engaged in acquiring competences and know how closing cooperation with IBOSS, an American young company, placed in the Gartner’s Quadrant among Visionary players.

IBOSS and its node platform is THE instrument chosen by STELIT and introduced to its customers portfolio.

IBOSS redefines the way cybersecurity is delivered and managed, it solves the challenge of securing distributed organizations against advanced malware and data loss by leveraging a proprietary scalable and secure node-based architecture.

IBOSS node architecture (on premises or cloud) provide that:

  • Node collections never share sensors and databases across multiple customers

  • Results in an infinitely secure, scalable, elastic and modular platform

Stelit is based in Rome and is active in sales and representation of multinational Hi-Tech systems and brands suitable for military applications.​

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