Sensors collecting environmental information to be sent to Command and Control Systems are the technological correspondent of the human body 5 senses allowing to interpret the real world and the events happening in it.

STELIT manages a wide range of sensors like:

  • MEMs
  • EW
  • Radars
  • EO/IR

Specially in this sector STELIT has engaged the conceiving, engineering, development and manufacturing of EO/IR sensors and systems completing an integration of resources, started several years ago, with FAENZI OPTRONITALIA, establishing a brand new entity named PXION, an innovative Start-Up with the aim to become the reference point for optical technology in Italy.

Stelit is based in Rome and is active in sales and representation of multinational Hi-Tech systems and brands suitable for military applications.​

Phone:+39 06 8897 5293
Address:Via Alessandro Stradella, 137, 00124 Roma RM
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