Stelit in the timeframe between 1976 and 1979 had a story as manufacturer of electronic devices:

1 – Digital Multimeter (in direct competition with brands like HP, Fluke, Schlumberger), a powerful instrument that after the introduction on the market by Fluke of two processors, (LD110 / LD111), was set out of market due to high production costs compared with the ones of Fluke.

2 – RS232 interface communication control box, a unicum at that time, providing, connected between the input / output wiring, the indication on a led display of the signal condition through jumpers inducing an electric shortcut. The device shortened the maintenance duration raising the service quality.

3 – TWDI a Teletype Writer Digitising Interface upgrading Standard Analog Teletype Writers, another unicum by STELIT. The device allowed the programming and planning of transmission of faxes avoiding traffic congestion on the lines and lowering costs.

Today STELIT, after some years of pure Representation and Distribution activity, is back to production in order to provide the Defence, HLS and Industry market with sensors and systems of sensors realized in synergy with Hi-Tech Italian partners through a Holonic Virtual Organization.

Among them:

  • EO/IR sensors, (HW, FW, SW and I.A.)
  • Special Unmanned Systems
  • RadioWave 24 GHz Radar

Stelit is based in Rome and is active in sales and representation of multinational Hi-Tech systems and brands suitable for military applications.​

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